Find here the type of waVes you will find in Maldives

Discover the main waves that you will find in the northern atoll of Male, which gives its name to the capital of the Maldives. Its reef picks up well the swells with western winds. The famous Jailbreaks wave is located only 10 minutes walking from our camp. It gives us the possibility to enter walking and paddling from the island, which is easily accessible.


Wave from Himmafushi Island, located on the East coast of Male North Atoll. It is a fast and right one with 3 sections in its optimal days. Its inside is very fast and quite hollow. It is one of the most constant waves in the area. It works best with Southwestern winds, the most common during the surfing season. It is a very good wave whatever its size is and it withstands the great waves properly.


This wave is located on the uninhabited island of Thamburudhoo, adjacent to Sultan’s. Long left one. It breaks down being small and increases in size and intensity as it picks up water, as it adjusts (90 degrees) around the island. A six-foot wave in the take-off will end at least eight feet into its final feature, where it is called "Fred’s Ledge". It’s a very long wave with tubes in all its sections. Better at low tide unless the swell is huge.


Like Sultan’s, it is born on the shores of the island of Thamburudhoo. One of the most consistent waves in Malé Atoll, which never closes even with large swells. The take off is done on an outer peak called "Ghosts", which takes you to a long section of super-fast wall when there are more than four feet. The three sections can be exciting with crazy tubes. The course of the wave is from 100 to 150 meters. Always better with high tide and Western or Northern winds.


It is created on the island of Thulusdhoo, atoll of Malé Norte ( East Coast). The course of this wave is short but intense, being large and with tube. A strong takeoff within a quick and hollow section. Better from medium to high tide, however, it can be surfed at low tide if the surf is quite large.The Southern swell is perfect for this one with Northwestern wind . In any case, you can surf with West and North winds.


Villingilimathi Huraa (Kuda Villingili), uninhabited island. East Coast Reef on North Male Atoll. Speed required. Long haul. It’s an excellent left wave with two sections. However, the conditions must be perfect to have the possibility to surf it. The best winds for this wave are northwest and north-northeast from land to sea.


Breaking wave on the outer reef of the Kanifinolhu Resort on North Male Atoll. It is a splendid slow right for beginners and for plank with two sections. It works best with westerly and/or northwestern winds with moderate swell. Tides over 4 feet spoil this wave.


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