We are Luisa and Nacho, two passionate surfers and Maldives, here is a little bit of our story...

Our history goes back to 2008. After working for 15 years in the Canary Islands in what has always been his passion, surfing, Nacho returns to his born city, Cadiz. A year later he will happily come across Luisa; despite being neighbours, they did not know each other! and this glimpse of the future will change their course together.

Together they return to the Canary Islands, more specifically to Fuenteventura, where they will keep on working in the world they are keen on: surfing.

Once they are established there, Nacho will receive a surprising call from a friend of his to propose working on a boat in the Maldives. For Nacho it will become a dream come true: work in surfing, his vital passion, and on top of that he will be able to do it in one of the meccas of this sport! We are in 2012; here the experience of the Maldives begins.

They both get a resounding success as greatly exceed the experience and the following year they are again in the Paradise islands. Guided by their desire to overcome, they detect the need to learn English excellently and these two Gaditans, who are not going to be beaten by any adversity, move together to England to finish polishing Shakespeare's language.

After the British experience, they once again come back to the Maldives to work for Nacho’s friend. Such zeal and passion for surfing could not have gone unrewarded, and it will be on one of the tourist routes showing the local stalls, where a friend of Nacho's proposes the management and rental of a surf house. No sooner said than done: NATURAL SURF HOUSE is born.

The acquired skill from 2012 on makes the move goes round for both Luisa and Nacho as for the clients. Next year they will open another house, and then a third one.

Luisa...Nothing would have been possible without her will power and constancy, and without her falling in love with surfing and its way of life. Well, so is Nacho!

From then on, the couple, being born in Cadiz but friends of the World, have been devoting all their vital effort to improving and sharing experience with their customers...And to surf! Without passion, there is no road worthwhile to tread...

We look forward to seeing you in 2021 in the Maldives

We know that this 2020 has been very different from what we all expected, but we are looking forward to this 2021, and we are all back to normality, we wish you and your families well and we wish you all the best for the future. 


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  • Incredible service in an incredible place, surrounded by a team of incredible professionals that makes your experience unforgettable, you are surrounded by that great atmosphere of paradise and relaxed island that transforms your vacation into an idyllic dream.
  • A dream trip an incredible deal, a great team but better people made us feel at home we will definitely repeat.
  • Todo increíble! Fuimos para unos 12 días y alargamos unos 4 días más. El servicio de 10, tanto dueños de la casa como trabajadores ( des de personal del barco, fotógrafo, cocineros, chica de la limpieza todo) La comida de otro mundoooo! Estaba todo tremendo y todo te recordaba a casa. Yo soy u… Leer más

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